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The Regulars

Tim Demarte - Vocals

A Marquette native, Tim always enjoyed a variety of musical genres. In sixth grade he had the luck of being introduced to and inspired by the Clash, thanks to his mom's boyfriend, Matt ("Stinky") Winklepleck. In middle school band -- where he and John Burke were percussionists -- along with Joey ("The Manager") LaBrecque, they explored rock and punk with John's already expert guidance; in a 9th grade proto-Regulars experiment, The Antagonists, they delved into the punk rock possibilities of timbales, Casio keyboard, and Starmaker guitar. Within the next year, John, Jeremy, and Fritz had begun the Regulars, and one day after school asked Tim to come out and give a shot at singing (well, screaming). Tim soon realized that singing was something he truly loved, and has been at it ever since in various groups, spanning rock, classical, jazz, and folk.

These days Tim is back in Marquette, having gone and returned a few times. He and his wife Barbara are both active musicians in various capacities, and perform together in a traditional/contemporary, Pogues-inspired, Celtic music group, the Foreign Born Irish (FBI).

John Burke - Drums

Born and raised in Marquette, Michigan, John Burke got his musical calling while watching "The Monkees" at the age of five. With a lo-fi Sears record player as his window into the world of rock and roll, Burke began collecting records by the Pre-Fab Four and, later, other favorites The Beatles, Kiss, Cheap Trick and The Who.

Burke discovered punk rock in his early teens when he picked up a copy of the first record by The Clash. With the Trouser Press Guide to New Wave Records as his bible, Burke's indoctrination into punk rock deepened. Records by other flagship punk bands such as the Buzzcocks, the Ramones, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, the Avengers and the Sex Pistols as well as Eighties torch-bearers like The Replacements, The Minutemen, Hüsker Dü and Naked Raygun became the soundtrack to his early teenage life. In spring of 1985, Burke met guitarist Jeremy Porter and, together along with bassist Fritz VanKosky and vocalist Tim DeMarte, formed The Regulars and brought punk rock to Marquette's musically undernourished.

Burke relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1988 and in 1989 joined the Ann Arbor-based WIG. For nine years the band toured the country and recorded three records: the 1989 debut release Lying Next to You on the Detroit indie label Nocturnal Records and their Island Records-released Deliverance (1994) and Wireland (1997).

In between working with WIG, Burke performed and recorded with Gauntlet (which also featured Fritz on bass) and Cactus Muzic. In 1997, he produced, performed and released a 7" single on his own C Thru Records by U.S. Sheep, a "mystery" band side-project featuring Schurgin and Clark S. Nova from WIG. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he continues to play in The Blahs and '70s light-rock impressionists A.M. Gold.

Fritz Van Kosky - Bass

Fritz Van Kosky says his introduction to the music business came about "the day I arrived at Jeremy's basement to play with The Regulars with a bass I had bought that afternoon." He has been immersed in music ever since. Fritz' stint with The Regulars was followed up by a year-long gig with punk act Morbid Fear in Midland, MI, and then a 3-year engagement with Ann Arbor funkadelic outfit Pete Moss & The Fungis.

In addition to laying down devastating bass tracks at every opportunity, Fritz has been working professionally in the sound engineering and music production business in Southeastern Michigan since 1991. Educated at The Recording Institute of Detroit, his resume includes engineering jobs at Primeau Productions in Southfield, and The Disc, Ltd., in Eastpointe. Most recently, Fritz has launched his own engineering and production business, contracting with Psychopathic Records for production work with Insane Clown Posse protégé Twiztid. His production talent is featured on the horror-core duo's last three releases.

Jeremy Porter - Guitar

Jeremy moved to Marquette in the fall of 1984. At the time his musical tastes consisted of 2 genres : heavy metal and hard rock. He met John Burke through a common friend who gathered them together to watch Quadrophenia after school. A week or so later they played together for the first time and The Regulars were born. Besides bringing the hard rock/metal influence to The Regulars, Jeremy quickly became engulfed in punk. It wasn't long before he owned records by The Clash, Black Flag and Hüsker Dü.

Today Jeremy lives in Plymouth, MI with his wife Noreen. He often returns to Marquette to visit friends and family. He has been playing in bands constantly since The Regulars. From 1990 through 2008 he lead Chutes & Ladders, Slug Bug and The OffRamps through years of touring, recording and playing constantly around the Upper Midwest.

After a solo album called Party of One (that featured each of the other Regulars in some capacity) in 2010 and subsequesnt tour, Jeremy formed Jeremy Porter & The Tucos. JP&T have a record out called Partner In Crime on Detroit's New Fortune Records and have been on tour all over North America supporting it throughout 2013. Occasionally he'll get together with some pals for a Clash covers side project called Clashback.